PhD research internships

At Swinburne, we recognise the importance of research and industry collaboration to unlocking innovation potential through research and development.

Swinburne has partnered with Australian Postgraduate Research (APR) Intern to deliver short-term graduate research internships across all disciplines and sectors. It is open to all industry sectors, including small-to-medium and large enterprises, as well as government agencies.

APR Intern provides a platform for industry to further develop and innovate through short-term tightly focused research projects and gives PhD students the opportunity to apply highly analytical research expertise to the project while gaining invaluable experience in an industry setting.

Swinburne is an internationally recognised research-intensive university with a growing reputation and benefits of this program include:

  • Quality research capabilities: Gain access to Swinburne’s world-class PhD students and academics who have advanced knowledge of the latest technologies in their field
  • Rapid results in 3-5 months: Create real-world impact through short-term high impact research projects
  • Retain intellectual property: All project-related IP remains with the external partner
  • Cost effective: APR.Intern is supported by the Australian Government and gives industry a 50% rebate off the already low cost of an internship
  • Minimal administration: All facilitation is managed by APR.Intern and Swinburne


Swinburne University of Technology/PhD student, Sergei Chichin was matched with BMT to apply his specialised computational mechanism design skills to optimise development of an in-house design tool.

“Sergei’s specialist optimisation and software design knowledge helped us overcome major hurdles in the automation of compartment arrangement and incorporation of in-house knowledge into the design tool,”

Aidan Depetro, BMT Design and Technology Senior Engineer

When the Henrob internship was advertised, Rez Haque knew he would be able to contribute to and profit from the project, as his PhD in Mechanical Engineering looked specifically at these special “self-piercing” rivets.

Stuart Blacket, Managing Director of Henrob, was keen to capitalise on the knowledge and innovation developed by Rez in his PhD at Swinburne.

“The project resulted in a greater understanding of the Henrob self-piercing system, including its limitations and how additional research in specific areas may lead to reduced carbon emissions,”

Stuart Blacket, Henrob Managing Director

Want to know more?

Contact the PhD industry placements manager to discuss hosting a Swinburne PhD research student. We will work with you to explain the process and consult with you to find an appropriate pool of candidates to select for interview. You review the resumes and conduct the interviews – the choice of student is yours.


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