My eQuals - certified digital academic documents

My eQuals is a new online platform for the hosting and sharing of certified digital academic documents. This secure platform will be implemented at universities across Australia and New Zealand by the end of 2018.

How My eQuals works

My eQuals gives students instant access to digital copies of their academic documents. The platform also allows students to share their documents with potential employers and other third parties.

From March 2018, Swinburne provide digital graduation documents to all graduating students.

What My eQuals means for employers

My eQuals offers employers the ability to easily and quickly access and verify academic documents – and subsequently make faster recruitment decisions.

Students and graduates can provide employers with a link to the original document stored in My eQuals or they can send the document as a PDF.

The document viewed within My eQuals is the original document issued by the university and can be verified. Employers can download and save this document. A PDF is a copy of the original and should not be relied on for verification purposes.

By accessing documents through My eQuals you can be certain of the authenticity of the student records.

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