Accreditation placements

Some Swinburne degrees include a mandatory work placement as a professional accreditation requirement. We welcome new organisations to partner with us to offer great learning experiences to our students in law, education and engineering.

Law placements

Our Bachelor of Laws students must complete three 20-day professional experience placements during their degree. These placements complement theoretical concepts with an understanding of how to apply the law. We invite host organisations to engage with us through this innovative placement program.


Education placements

Professional experience placements are a mandatory component of teacher education courses. Each course stipulates the number of placement days that must be completed each year of the course, which is a requirement for registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching.

Placements occur during the semester and provide an essential link between theory and practice. The experience underpins the theoretical and pedagogical knowledge taught in the education units.

Contact the Professional Experience Manager to find out how to engage with our education students.


Engineering placements

Undergraduate engineering students must complete a minimum of 12 weeks approved, relevant experience before graduation. Placements can be paid or unpaid in an engineering environment. The experience provides students with an opportunity to apply their studies in engineering practice.

Contact us for more information on engaging with our engineering students across a broad range of specialisations. We have students in disciplines including civil and construction, mechanical, electronic and electrical, and robotics and mechatronics.



The length of an accreditation placement varies according to the requirements of the profession. Currently they are:

  • 20 days for law
  • 12 weeks for engineering
  • 20 days for education, during the semester.

There may be some flexibility in duration, depending on the program, e.g. law placements can be undertaken in ‘block’ mode over summer, or one or two days a week during semester.

Payment to students

Accreditation placements are generally unpaid, although payment to students is not precluded for law or engineering.


There is no cost to your organisation to host a placement student. There are some conditions, such as adequate supervision, that must be met before a placement can go ahead. Contact us and we’ll explain the process and requirements.