Zoos Victoria testimonial transcript


MELISSA: My name's Melissa, and I'm undertaking a professional placement at Zoos Victoria. I work in business development, so that's a very broad range of different tasks. Whether it be tourism, partnerships, et cetera, I kind of help everyone on the team.

CARLA PHILLIPS: Melissa's definitely brought new ideas and enthusiasm to the team. I think it's great for the organisation to be able to have someone who's young and fresh and energetic come into the organisation.

MELISSA: What I like most about this role is that I'm doing something different each hour, each day, five days a week. I'm never doing just one task the whole day. It's dynamic, it's changing every day. I'm surrounded by nature.

CARLA PHILLIPS: So Melissa's set on doing really well. She's obviously passionate about our causes, which is about conservation and saving wildlife. I did a professional placement as part of my university degree. And I guess that's part of the reason why I wanted to bring somebody on. And for us, we had an opportunity where we need an extra hand.

MELISSA: What I did like about Zoos Vic was just the location, and the fact that, yes, I am next to a zoo, and I can go have lunch with the meerkats if I want to. I can just go for a walk, go and see some really cool things that are always happening.

CARLA PHILLIPS: So the students working here have lots of opportunities. We're lucky enough to have three properties, being Melbourne Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary, and Werribee Open Range Zoo. So the students absolutely have opportunities to go out there to host people, to have meetings, to meet new members of the team, and also of course meet our gorgeous wildlife there too.

MELISSA: It's a paid placement. You get to go and get experience. You're still supported by Swinburne, and everyone in your workplace knows that you're a uni student, and they're there to give you that support. So I definitely recommend it.