August testimonial transcript


FREYA: I'm studying a Bachelor of Media and Communications (Professional) with a journalism major. The professional placement that I have undertaken here at August is actually a component of the degree that I have done, the professional degree. That was actually a key reason that I chose to come to Swinburne.

Having had this actual in-industry experience, it's informed me to some extent around what the professional environment looks like, so for example, the nitty gritty operational components of what goes on behind the scenes. I think the things that potentially you miss as a student. I think that having completed a placement, it will definitely give me a competitive edge.

AZIZA: My name is Aziza. I completed my placement at August and I am currently working there full-time as a copywriter.

Coming in here and really enjoying a culture where I can talk to people and everyone is really generous and compassionate and talented at what they do, it's really raised the bar about where I would want to work and really set some expectations around what I should expect for myself and what I really enjoy doing as well.

ZOË WARNE: So we do design and develop websites, that's a big part of it but that also then moves through now to, say, digital strategies.

I completed a placement when I was a student at Swinburne and so did our technical director Matt. We both got so much from it that we thought: why don't we do the same thing?

All the students that we've had come through on placements have all had a fantastic attitude. They jump in straight away.  So often in their first weeks we even bring them directly into client meetings. By bringing in a new attitude and approach, the clients really engage with them. We get a lot from it. They're having input from day one.

It's a great opportunity for developing a new talent and bringing in a constant pipeline of great new students that you can develop potentially into long-term employees.

AZIZA: I would say that your placement will allow you to try new things, show you what you enjoy doing and give you the opportunity to work somewhere that could give you an amazing future as well.