Swinburne Professional video transcript


SARAH WEISS: It takes more than a good business model to succeed in today's competitive marketplace. It takes great people that are encouraged to grow. With training tailored to your workforce needs, you can empower your people to step into new projects and put forward new ideas. You'll build a robust and loyal workforce, giving your organization a competitive edge. When you invest in your people, the return is huge.

SIMONE GOODWIN: At Swinburne Professional, we offer customized training solutions developed hand-in-hand with you to meet the needs of your people and your business. We specialize in leadership and management, coaching, project management, soft skills, and workplace health and safety. Our courses are practical, hands-on, and delivered by industry professionals who are expert training providers.

ROB CHETWYND: Swinburne Professional is a division of Swinburne University of Technology, a leader in providing bespoke learning and development programs. Innovative and dynamic, Swinburne is a Tier 1 university, renowned for its technological advancement and industry engagement.

SIMONE GOODWIN: Swinburne is an award-winning dual sector university. The Swinburne Professional team provides dynamic and agile services to industry. When you partner with us, you'll be provided with a dedicated project manager and a tailored program. You will also have access to our coaching services and Swinburne's network of over 170,000 alumni.

SARAH WEISS: Our customized professional development programs can also be designed to align to a qualification. So while you support your employees' development, your people can also achieve a nationally recognized qualification through Swinburne University of Technology.

SIMONE GOODWIN: All of our programs are delivered with a high degree of flexibility and communication. Participants will have access to online learning support tools, and delivery will be at a pace that suits your organization's needs.

SARAH WEISS: At the end of the program, you will see the difference that newfound confidence brings to yourself, your organization, and your people.

ROB CHETWYND: So speak to Swinburne Professional about our range of development programs, from short courses and qualifications to customized training that meets your business objectives. We look forward to working with you.