Recognising workplace skills

At Swinburne University of Technology, we believe that you can learn as much in the workplace as in the classroom. That’s why we offer to credit your workplace skills when you apply to study with us.

Ensure you have your professional skills and experiences recognised when pursuing a nationally accredited qualification at Swinburne. If you have relevant professional experience, it can be credited towards units in your qualification. In fact, you may have enough experience to be credited a full qualification.

Follow Swinburne’s Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process and explore skills recognition now. See the Frequently Asked Questions section for more information on recognition of workplace skills, or speak to us directly by calling 1800 633 560.

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Contact our RPL advisor for information on how to gain credit towards your qualification.
Tel: 1800 633 560

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I know if RPL is for me?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is about determining whether the skills and knowledge you’ve gained in the past make you competent in units within a course. When you enquire about applying for Recognition of Prior Learning, you will receive a self-assessment checklist, which will give you a description of the skills and knowledge that you gain from a unit.

What can count towards RPL?

  • Professional workplace experience
  • Experience in other realms of life, such as social or sporting groups

What is the RPL process?

  1. Enquire about RPL with Swinburne via phone (1800 633 560) or email ( and complete a self-assessment checklist
  2. If appropriate, Swinburne emails an RPL information kit and enrolment form
  3. Via email or telephone, your RPL assessor discusses the process, examines how your experience matches the unit selection, flags the evidence you’ll need to demonstrate your skills, and sets a timeline
  4. At an agreed time, you enrol into the qualification and identified units
  5. There is an evaluation, which includes a discussion and interview with the RPL assessor
  6. A transcript of results and testamur is awarded after you successfully complete the assessment.

What do you mean by evidence?

To recognise your prior learning, Swinburne needs to verify that it’s led to competence in areas relevant to your course. We need evidence to make this verification, and it can take many forms. Below are just a few examples:

  • In-house training certificates
  • Examples of work
  • Workplace references
  • Statement of duties
  • Work projects
  • Minutes of meetings attended or conducted
  • Documents showing organisational and supervisory skills
  • Awards, commendations or certificates of merit
  • A demonstration of skills

What will happen if I can’t demonstrate competence?

There are two possible paths from this point. If the assessor determines that additional training will bring you to the level of competence required, you may have an opportunity to undertake what is called “gap training” to ensure that the application is successful. Your assessor will help you identify what it might involve.

If you are unable to demonstrate competence or there is no opportunity for gap training, you will be required to attend and complete the assessment for the relevant unit.

Can I resubmit evidence if I fail to demonstrate competence?

As you gather evidence and move towards your final assessment, you’ll be interacting with your assessor. They’ll advise you if you need to gather further evidence. If there are significant gaps or additional documentation required, you’ll be informed well before the final assessment takes place. For this reason, there is generally no opportunity to resubmit evidence in cases where an original application was not successful.

Does RPL cost money?

Costs will vary depending on:

  • government funding
  • units selected
  • credit transfers available

How much RPL can I apply for?

There’s no limit. You can request RPL for an entire qualification or for a single unit. But it’s important to consider whether you’re able to provide evidence of your competence.

How will a unit subject to RPL appear on my transcript?

If you’ve applied for RPL in a certain unit or units, your student transcript will show one of two RPL-specific codes: RPLC shows that you have been assessed as competent in the unit. RPLN shows that you have been unsuccessful in proving competence. IMPORTANT: RPL results will not be graded.

Can you assess a group from my workplace?