Pathways to further study

Swinburne University of Technology offers pathway opportunities to further study, so you can pass easily from one course to another. At Swinburne, a professional development course could be the start of a journey all the way to a masters.

Swinburne offers study pathways from professional development courses to diplomas and certificates, and from diplomas and certificates to postgraduate study.

Start out small and grow your qualification at Swinburne today. There are countless pathways available. Check out the pathways into diplomas and certificates mapped below, or call 1800 633 560 and we can assess your individual case. 

Pathways into professional diplomas and certificates

Once completed, professional development short courses can provide a pathway into a professional diploma or certificate.

Each workshop below counts for a unit of study in a diploma or certificate. For example, if you complete the Accounting for Managers workshop and continue on to a Diploma of Business, you could be credited for the diploma’s “Manage budgets and financial plans” unit.

See our full range of certificates and diplomas to see which units form part of which qualifications.

See the frequently asked questions below the table for further information.

Professional development workshopEquivalent unit of competencyUnit of competency codeAssessment price
Business Writing Skills Write complex documents BSBWRT401 $100
Creating High Performing Teams Lead and manage team effectiveness BSBWOR502 $100
Dealing with Workplace Conflict Manage conflict PSPGOV508 $100
Developing Leadership Qualities Provide leadership PSPGOV511 $100
Develop Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Develop and use emotional intelligence
Manage people performance
Provide workplace coaching
(3 x $100)
Digital Marketing Develop a media plan BSBADV507 $100
Identify, Assess and Manage Risk Manage risk BSBRSK501 $100
Leading Innovation in the Workplace Build and sustain an innovative work environment BSBINN502 $100
Manage Business Finance Manage budgets and financial plans BSBFIM501 $100
Manage Quality Customer Service Manage quality customer service BSBCUS501 $100
Managing for Maximum Performance Manage people performance BSBMGT502 $100
Marketing Essentials Establish and adjust the marketing mix BSBMKG502 $100
Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Make a Presentation BSBCMM401 $100

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

If I complete a professional development course can I get credit for that unit in a diploma?

Yes, but there are some things to consider.

  1. An additional assessment piece must be completed for you to be considered competent. Just attending the course without passing the assessments will not grant you credit for this unit.
  2. This pathway is only available to students entering Professional diplomas and certificates
  3. If the diploma or certificate does not include the unit you have completed as part of its outline, then you will not gain credit towards your course for that unit. To check which units are part of each course, visit our Professional diplomas and certificates page.

If I complete multiple professional development courses, can I get credit for each of them?

Yes. The same requirements listed in the previous answer will apply.

What assessment do I need to complete to gain competency?

Assessments vary by course. Your facilitator can provide information.

When do I have to choose if I want to undertake the additional assessment?

There is a three-week period in which to submit the assessment, so you would need to register in time to do this. We recommend that you register for the assessment within one week of the workshop.

How and when do I pay for the assessment?

You will receive an invoice shortly after registering for the assessment. Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice.

Which course or unit title will appear on my certificate?

Upon successful completion of the professional development course you will receive a certificate confirming your attendance in the course with the title as in the first column.

Upon successful completion of your professional diploma or certificate, your will receive a testamur which will include the unit title (as specified in the above table).

What will my grade be on my diploma or certificate transcript?

All of these units are competency based. So you will be resulted as either competent or not-competent instead of a graded result.

I attended a short course with Swinburne before 2013. Can I just complete an assessment and gain the same benefit?

Please contact us on 1800 633 560 to discuss your situation.