Sales and marketing

A commitment to sales and business development is critical to success.

Many sales and marketing professionals have learned their craft on the job, without the benefit of structured learning from experienced professionals. Though the occasional sales workshop will enhance motivation, only a well formulated learning program can provide a firm foundation for professional practice and sustained sales performance.

Inside knowledge, real experience

Learn from experienced sales professionals who have up-to-date industry knowledge, skills and formal qualifications in business development. Focused on the most practical and efficient approach to learning, our educators know how to share their knowledge and experience in ways that ensure your professional growth.

Get useful information from subject experts who understand your industry and your situation. Choose from a range of programs customised to your relevant industry covering sales essentials, account and relationship management, marketing strategy, B2B (business to business) selling strategies and sales management.

Understanding the market

To elicit positive change, sales education must be relevant. Our university grade, sales education materials and resources are directly applicable to the scenarios business people find themselves in today, including B2B sales, complex B2C (business to consumer), key account management and professional services selling.

Improved competence and confidence in the sales process can help secure increased opportunities in-market. Our master class format – customised and contextualised for each organisation – is a dynamic format designed to help your people understand the power of their personal integrity in selling.

Sales and marketing courses

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