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From the boardroom to the factory floor, Swinburne University of Technology offers emerging leadership programs and services for a diverse range of business managers to become effective leaders. Develop strong, effective managers by taking advantage of Swinburne's leadership and management courses.


Empower your staff with leadership skills and leadership training that will drive your business forward. Tap into Swinburne's varied leadership programs and arm your organisation’s leaders with the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to succeed.
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Transformational leadership

New principles of effective leadership

Leadership in Australia grew as an important topic more than two decades ago as we entered a global marketplace and started to compete internationally across a range of industries. As the world changes, the more we need to learn, and the stronger our leadership capabilities need to be.

While leaders establish the direction, they also have to use management skills to direct their employees in an easy and effective manner to complete the objectives of leadership.

The capacity to learn new leadership skills and abilities is vital for practically any leader. Swinburne employs methods to enhance your leadership skills, through observation and wisdom. Our leadership and management training courses are constantly evolving as technology advances.

Hear from Dr Terry Lee, one of Australia's foremost leadership specialists and capability builders, as he introduces his great passion: leadership and learning.

Leadership and Learning (Swinburne Business Forum)


Managers need to be empowered to drive and develop an organisation. Equip your leaders with essential management skills so they can make informed management decisions, lead staff effectively and address challenges in the workplace.

Utilise Swinburne's business management courses to develop staff skills in strategy, people management, decision making, employee engagement, culture and performance.

Business Management and Training Courses

Through our management courses you will learn to develop an entrepreneurial and innovative approach to managing people, finances, projects and teams. The Diploma of Leadership and Management will empower participants with the foundations necessary to lead high performing teams and achieve operational success, while the marketing for managers training program is designed for professionals who create, protect or enhance client or customer value within their organisation.

Maximise performance of your team through the leadership and management courses and training programs.

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