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Swinburne Law School

Professor Wendy Kaplan

Clinical Associate Professor of Law, Boston University School of Law

Wendy KaplanProfessor Wendy J. Kaplan began her legal career as a trial attorney with the state public defender’s office in Massachusetts. She has been a clinical faculty member at Boston University School of Law for several decades, where her primary work involves the education, training and case supervision of the third-year law students who represent defendants in criminal and juvenile delinquency trials.

Her clinical teaching examines criminal law, criminal procedure, professional responsibility and criminal trial advocacy. As an outgrowth of her delinquency work, she has created a seminar in juvenile delinquency that examines the historical and legal foundations of the American juvenile justice system. This course addresses issues of disproportionate minority contact, incarceration of juvenile offenders, and the provision of services to incarcerated youth.

Professor Kaplan has written about sentencing and dispositional advocacy, as well as the collateral consequences of convictions. She has taught a seminar on sentencing theory and process, and served as a former at-large delegate to the Massachusetts Bar Association. She has been a faculty member for the public defenders organisation’s zealous advocacy training program and currently serves as a Board of Directors member for the Suffolk Lawyers for Justice, Inc., a non-profit organisation that provides legal services to indigent criminal defendants.