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Professor Karen J. Pita Loor

Clinical Associate Professor of Law, Boston University

Karen J. Pita LoorKaren Pita Loor is an Associate Clinical Professor of Law at the Boston University School of Law, where she supervises law students as they represent individuals accused of crimes in the Boston courts. While most of her students practice at the trial court level, Prof. Loor has also supervised law students as they argue cases before the Massachusetts appellate courts. When Prof. Loor is not in court, she teaches courses in criminal practice and trial advocacy, as well as a seminar in her other area of interest, immigrant rights.  

Prof. Loor has practised criminal law in various American jurisdictions. She began her career as a staff attorney in one of America’s premier public defender agencies, the Public Defender for the District of Columbia. It was there that she learned how to be a zealous defender as she represented juvenile and adult clients at both the trial and appellate level in a range of cases from simple assault to murder. 

Later, Prof. Loor served as court appointed counsel in the Florida courts. She also participated in the drafting of a US Supreme Court amicus curiae brief for the NACDL (National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers). Now, Prof. Loor now often serves as a media expert on criminal law issues and cases and commented often on the trial and sentencing in the Boston Marathon case.