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Swinburne Law School

Amy Baron-Evans

Sentencing Resource Counsel, Federal Public and Community Defender National Sentencing Resource Counsel Project

Amy Baron-EvansAmy Baron-Evans represents Defenders' interests in sentencing policy matters. She also develops and manages national litigation strategies, and lectures on sentencing advocacy and policy across the country. She has authored amicus briefs or contributed to merits briefing in each of the Supreme Court's significant sentencing cases after United States v. Booker, and developed "deconstructing the guidelines" before Kimbrough v. United States was decided.

Amy has authored numerous articles and practice guides on federal sentencing law and policy, habeas litigation, sex offender issues, victim rights, search and seizure, discovery, evidence, and other criminal and constitutional law issues. Her articles and amicus briefs have been cited in Supreme Court decisions, in court of appeals and district court decisions, and in numerous briefs filed in the federal courts.

Amy has testified before the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Sentencing Commission, and provides written comments to Congress, the Commission, the Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure, the Department of Justice, and the Bureau of Prisons. Amy and her team wrote the training materials and conducted national trainings for President Obama's clemency initiative.

Amy is a cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School and clerked for the Honorable Hugh H. Bownes of the First Circuit Court of Appeals. Before joining the Federal Defenders, Amy was a partner at Dwyer & Collora LLP in Boston, where she represented clients in cases involving white collar crime, drug trafficking, terrorism, and murder. She began her career representing people on death row as a Staff Attorney at the North Carolina Death Penalty Resource Center.