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Asian law and transnational lawyering

Asian law and transnational lawyering is a key research area of the Swinburne Law School.

We address transnational phenomena in law and legal practice within the Asia-Pacific region. The region is hosting a growing body of cross-border transactions and regional relationships that is driving changes in the laws and legal professions within the various countries in the area which we see as a significant development for the future of Australia.

As a result, topics of transnational law in the Asia-Pacific are a central element in our research and teaching agendas. Our research focuses on the study of transnational phenomena in law and legal practice in the region. We also support student education and mobility programs towards strategic partners in the region. 

Collaborators and partners

Our partners include:

We welcome partnerships with academia, the private sector, civil society, non-government organisations or governments to explore, learn, understand, and build relations in Asia and the Pacific.

Linked projects

The Inter-Asian Legalities research project

This project examines the relatively new series of networks that exist among transnational corporate lawyers operating across Asia, on behalf of business people and their organizations, in order to facilitate commercial and legal interactions. These lawyers have this role because of their social status (providing legal authority to transactions and dispute resolution processes) and technical legal skills (navigating privatised legal spaces in multiple jurisdictions). Their role is pivotal to Inter-Asian commerce because they provide an authority to the legal documents they create for their clients through pedigree of the firms they work within and the social status they hold as individuals. In essence, their socio-political role gives the transactions and disputes to which they participate a legitimacy that is necessary for a legal system that exists largely outside state auspices to function.

Research team: Dr. Jeremy Kingsley

The Indonesia Law Governance and Culture Program

This program is a research and education program. We have received approximately $500,000 in Commonwealth Government New Colombo Plan funding and have sent over sixty students to Indonesia on short term study tours and approximately 15 students on longer term exchange/internship programs to Indonesia. This is connected to Dr Kingsley’s extensive decade long research program examining Indonesia legal system(s) and culture(s).

Program team: Dr. Jeremy Kingsley

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