Studio 20002 at FESTA

Fostering urban picnic places in a post-earthquake city

Architecture students created interactive designs under the theme of ‘FEASTA’, a public feast of architecture, design and food in the city of Christchurch.

Teams worked together to create three elements. The stage featured a fragmented geometrical structure made from coat hangers with LED lights. The main picnic area comprised pallet platforms and tables finished with carpet and fabric. And the entryway was an aromatic enclosure made from cardboard boxes which floated fragrant scents into the space.

Straddling creativity and the logistics of an international project, students developed and prototyped designs in Melbourne then travelled to Christchurch to construct their ideas. They saw the project from start to finish and got to share their work with over 12,000 festival attendees.

Studio Leader: Mark Taylor, Professor of Architecture

Students: Anes Abdou, Nicholas Aylward, Eddy Jameler De Leon, Nathan Flynn, Charlotte Mwaba, Rohit Nair, Tirth Nayak, Amy Nuccio, Jacinta Princi, Sebastian Rylander, Ralph Santos, Claudia Siric, Aaron Stillitano, Jason Trajkovski, Jordan Veniamakis, Shengye Yu.