IaaC Global Summer School: Architecture Meets Biology

From coding to cultivating

As designers and architects, the decision to ‘make’ often has a two-fold side effect of consuming resources and harming the environment.

Can we build and manufacture with low energy processes? Can we make with renewable materials? Can buildings be grown with open processes that embrace the variability of the natural world?

Swinburne hosted a Global Summer Studio, in collaboration with the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IaaC), which aimed to answer these questions.

Local and international participants collaborated with biologists, designers and architects to experiment with biomaterials and explore their fabrication potential. They used parametric design tools and computational modelling techniques to develop scaffolds and moulds that support the growth of biomaterials. The results point to the promise of tomorrow.

Studio Leader: Canhui Chen, Lecturer, Architectural Design / Linus Tan, Tracey Nguyen

Associate Professor: John Sadar, Course Director of Architecture

Students: Eddy Jameler De Leon, Tirth Nayak, Ralph Santos,  Wen-Xin Yeunh, Ruby So, Lili Zhang, Darren Vuong, Alison Estabaya, Gordon Goh, Saibal Dutta, Leixin Du, Pak Ying Tsang, Wen-Xin Yeunh, Lili Zhang.