FabPod II

Improving speech privacy through innovative design

FabPod II development followed a series of already established design proposals to create an innovative design to fulfil fabrication process, sound performance, and architectural aesthetic requirements.

The construction system has been developed with a lightweight thin modular steel metal structure. Individual cells are custom cut in sheet metal and folded in a cellular arrangement for increasing structural strength and stacked together to provide the overall system framework that can be covered later with acoustic panels. A double layer skin is developed with a grasshopper script with an exterior diverging structure and interior converging shape. The double skin geometry was simulated in Odeon to verify the sound performance of the system and to rank the iterations for the sake of improving speech privacy.

There is a dramatic improvement in the speech privacy of the open interior from the initial design with 100% of the space having full speech intelligibility to the final iteration, where almost 55% of the space has STI below 0.6. Acoustics can be applied as a design driver at early stages of design and the interaction between auditory analysis and other design imperatives such as fabrication constraints can play an active role in shaping the architecture.

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Chief Investigators: Professor Jane Burry, Professor Mark Burry

Partner Investigators: Dr Jordi FaulÃ, Gavin Phillips

Partner Organisations: Sagrada Família Basílica, Haworth.

Team: Canhui Chen, Pantea Alambeigi, Daniel Prohasky, Sipei Zhao, Jim Barbour, Nick Williams Image credits: Canhui Chen, Pantea Alambeigi

Supported by the Australian Research Council through the Linkage Grant LP130100607

Internship Students: Anes Abdou, Nicholas Aylward, Eddy Jameler De Leon, Tirth Nayak, Amy Nuccio, Ralph Santos.