The Design Factory Melbourne

Work on interdisciplinary, industry projects

Design Factory Melbourne is inspired by, and was developed in collaboration with, the world’s first Design Factory at Aalto University in Helsinki. Aalto Design Factory pioneered a radically new approach to teaching product and service development by bringing leading business and design scholars to future talent.

All Design Factory Melbourne interdisciplinary industry projects are organised around a project partner. Partners can be an organisation of any size or type, ranging from corporate to government to not-for-profit. Past project sponsors include CSIRO, Visy, ISM Interiors, Involve Audio, Philips, Biolan, MetsäWood and Coles.

The Design Factory Global Network includes Aalto Design Factory in Helsinki, Aalto-Tongji Design Factory in Shanghai, DDF Chile located at Duoc UC, in Santiago, IdeaSquare at CERN Research Laboratory, Porto Design Factory in Portugal and Frisian Design Factory in Netherlands.