Factory of the Future

An immersive virtual reality environment where designers work alongside engineers and research staff

Swinburne recently received a record $135 million grant from Siemens to create Australia’s first fully immersed Industry 4.0 facility. 

The factory houses a series of co-located studios, each with a specific function:

3-D Visualisation and Design Studio

Featuring advanced visualisation tools that allow for intuitive real-time interaction with realistic 3-D imagery.

Rapid Manufacturing Studio

Equipped with additive manufacturing tools that facilitate conversion from digital concepts to metal, plastic or ceramic prototypes.

Advanced Inspection and Machining Studio

Machining capability combined with state-of-the-art inspection equipment for developing high quality components.

Biodevice Innovation Studio

Combines electronics, optics, chemistry and biomaterials-handling with rapid prototyping to produce innovative new medical devices.

Design for Resource Efficiency Studio

For the design, development and assessment of recycling and manufacturing processes to maximise resource efficiency.