Limitless creativity

Our facilities are fertile testing grounds for your imagination. These one-of-a-kind spaces allow you to experiment and innovate without bounds. With some of our faculty spaces open 24/7 and at no cost, there’s nothing to stop you from realising your wildest ideas.

Fabrication facilities

Break down how different construction materials are created, manufactured, constructed and understand what tools and processes are involved. Have the equipment at your fingertips to test and analyse materials and construction techniques, and create scale models and digital sketches, drawings and renderings and prototypes.

See your designs take shape.

Cut, shape, form.

Mix and grow your own materials.

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KUKA Robot Lab

Get extended access to a range of fabrication and concept services in this lab: including robotics and CNC, 3D Print, metalwork and woodwork. Prototype to your heart’s desire with our industry standard equipment.

Factory of the Future

Part of the $100 million Advanced Manufacturing and Design Centre (AMDC), the Factory of the Future features a superior suite of advanced manufacturing equipment – including visualisation tools, computer-aided design, functional fabrication and rapid prototyping equipment. Explore your concepts and ideas, and manufacture next generation products.

Smart Structures Lab

This $15 million laboratory is the only one of its kind in the southern hemisphere. Learn how to lead the development of more efficient infrastructure systems, and safer structures. Create more resilient and sustainable materials to build a better future.

Energy Transformation Lab

Extract the energy from the sun and the ocean and deliver it to our homes and public spaces. Our Energy and Transformation Laboratory is used for research and teaching fluid dynamics. It includes two facilities dedicated to renewable energy – the solar simulator and the wave channel facility.

A group of students working on a project.

Design Factory Melbourne

Design Factory Melbourne (DFM) provides an interdisciplinary platform for industry-engaged research. The collaboration hub brings end-users, students and researchers together for the early stages of product, and service development to experiment with concepts and their potential value. Past project sponsors include CSIRO, Visy, ISM Interiors, Philips, and Coles.