Dr Stephanie Liddicoat

Lecturer, School of Design

Portrait style image of Stephanie LiddicoatThe design consultant creating a paradigm shift in what therapeutic architecture looks like.

“Fundamentally, I am driven by the idea that the buildings we inhabit can change how we feel.  To shape meaningful architecture is to understand this responsibility, and use it to instigate innovation and change.  What if architecture could help patients when they are at their most vulnerable? How might such spaces be designed? Understanding the complexities of architectural perception and its relationship to mental wellbeing drives my work and my desire for knowledge acquisition,” says Stephanie.

Stephanie’s research focuses on understanding the complexities of architectural perception and its relationship with mental wellbeing.

Her design consultancy, LiddicoatDesign, translates meaningful research into built environments to better serve patients, carers, staff, loved ones and families. Being active in research and practice means she understands the varied and diverse skill sets tomorrow’s professionals will need. She’ll put your finger on the pulse of industry.

Her experience in the implications of designing with emergent digital technologies including digital fabrication and sensate environments will get you comfortable designing and visualising with new technologies.

She’ll teach you how to become more self-aware in your design processes and how to be better prepared for deeper critical reflection. You’ll gain the knowledge and insight to innovate, challenge norms and stereotypes, and create meaningful design in your future career.