Dr Mehrnoush Latifi Khorasgani


Profile picture of Mehrnoush Latifi KhorasganiThe practicing architect finding beauty in air, thermodynamics and sound.

Mehrnoush brings a scientific and artistic approach to all she does. Her creative practice, research and teaching spans the fields of architecture, virtual and augmented reality, thermal comfort, microclimate design, and digital fabrication.

You’ll benefit from her holistic vision to design. She has extensive local and international experience as a practicing designer. She’s worked on projects with different scales, in urban design, residential and commercial buildings, and interior and craft design.

Her research interests focus on the design with, and for, microclimates. She explores how the physical and tangible design language of geometry, colour and material are shaping dynamic, and hidden but effective, aspects of design.

She’ll encourage you to think outside the box. She takes on bold tasks like making the invisible visible. How? By using augmented reality techniques to capture and visualise dynamic phenomena in a physical space. Her work highlights how capturing the beauty and sensuality of air can help design smarter surfaces for built environments. Smart surfaces are an area Mehrnoush has a wealth of experience in. She’s designed a series of smart surfaces using ceramic tiles with unique three-dimensional features.

Mehrnoush is hands-on in bridging the gap between academia and practice, and passionate about arming you with the multidisciplinary approach you’ll need for the future of design.

“I want to help my students succeed in and class and the real world, and provide them opportunities to understand the influences of their decision making during design stages on the environment and people’s feeling of space,”