Mark Taylor

Professor of Architecture

Our expert on architectural and interior history and theory.

With Mark, you’ll learn from the past in order to create for the future. Mark holds inimitable knowledge on the history and theory of architecture and interior design, and the relationship between interior architecture and culture.

Mark’s opinion is highly sought after, evidenced by his books, chapters and journal publications. He is now applying that knowledge to the contemporary challenges of place and design.

His industry experience as an architect includes commercial buildings and high-quality bespoke retail environments.

“I’m passionate about understanding and manipulating design in a way that ultimately improves the way consumers interact with, and experience, architectural space,” he says.

Mark led a team of students in Studio 20002  at the 2018 Festival of Transitional Architecture (FESTA) in Christchurch, New Zealand. They created various infrastructures to support picnic places for festival goers. It was a project which offered an authentic learning experience in a post-earthquake city.