Marcus White

Professor of Urban Design

‌Professor Marcus White is an award-winning architect and urban designer, director of Harrison and White, and the Architecture and Habitat core program director of Centre for Design Innovation. He has been recognised as one of the top design educators in the country receiving the National Citation Award for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning.

His research focuses on designing for liveability using data and emerging technologies, and has been widely published and exhibited throughout Australia, North America, Asia and Europe. He creates real-world applications of his research, including the pedestrian network analysis tool PedestrianCatch. Marcus was recently part of the Reimagining Urban Infrastructure for Smart Cities project, a collaborative undertaking between the Senseable City Lab of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Smart Cities Research Institute of Swinburne. Through his practice, Harrison and White, he has amassed notable projects including Foyn-Johanson House, Flinders Street Station, Heald House and Implementing the Rhetoric.

"I am passionate about guiding students in their development of skills, knowledge, and conceptual thinking to be able to engage with the immediate challenges they will face in practice, but also the capacity to continue to learn and adapt in a rapidly changing discipline".

He has been awarded the RAIA Haddon Travelling Scholarship, the inaugural AIA National Emerging Architect Award for his contribution to practice, teaching and research, the Graham Treloar Fellowship, AIA awards for Residential Alt/Add, Interior Architecture, Sustainable Architecture, Joseph Reed Award for Urban Design, Henry Bastow Award for Educational Architecture, the Melbourne Prize, and the Victorian Architecture Medal, National Urban Design, and the Jackson National Educational Architecture Award.