Canhui Chen

Lecturer, Architectural Design

The designer embracing algorithms to make the complex possible.

Canhui explores the synergistic relationship between computational modelling, manufacturing technologies and fabrication processes. He’s particularly interested in how the use of digital data can bring new life to traditional manufacturing and construction techniques. And, how it can make sophisticated and beautiful architecture affordable.

The Sound That Light Makes at 300 George Street Brisbane illustrates his smart, disruptive thinking. Canhui collaborated with renowned artist Alexander Knox and art manufacturer UAP to develop a flexible algorithmic model which synthesised aesthetic visions, functional requirements, cost restraints and fabrication limitations. The result was a complex art piece consisting of 2,660 aluminium panels. Beyond its striking beauty, the project maintained design intent and integrity through all stages, and was delivered efficiently and economically.

Canhui is a studio leader for the annual Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IaaC) Global Summer School in Melbourne. In collaboration with IaaC, Swinburne Biology and ARUP, the studio explores the theme of bio-fabrication and seeks future solutions to the environmental impact of a world of cities developing at unprecedented rates.