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Architecture and Urban Design

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We're curious about our future, we're designing a better world

We're dreaming of a better tomorrow - connected, healthy and inclusive. In a world where most of us will be urban dwellers, we need true urban thinkers to deliver the cities we need. A new, future-focused breed of professionals who can operate through design, practice, installations, research and real-world engagement at multiple scales. 

Information is the building material of the 21st century. We help you understand how to wield it so that you’re able to collaborate effectively with engineers, governments and communities. It’s about enabling you to have deeper discussions about our built environments so that you can help create the world we all need.

Our research and involvement with industry and other key stakeholders prepares you to be a future-focused designer who’s always thinking ‘what’s next?’

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Design your tech-rich future with Swinburne

Start building your dream for tomorrow, today. Our architecture courses are designed with a strong tech component so you're ready to build a successful career when you graduate. Now let's help you out with all the practical things like advice and applications!

Get the edge with Australia's first joint Master of Architecture and Urban Design

Join the next wave of future-ready urbanists.

FabPod II

Improving speech privacy through innovative design. Using acoustics as an early design driver boosted speech privacy and intelligibility, and actively shaped form in this acoustic meeting room.

Fishermans Bend

Using data as the material for urban renewal. Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Senseable City Lab (SCL) and Swinburne’s Smart Cities Research Institute (SCRI) partnered for a workshop ‘Reimagining Urban Infrastructure’.

Studio 20002 at FESTA

Fostering urban picnic places in a post-earthquake city. Architecture students created interactive designs under the theme of ‘FEASTA’, a public feast of architecture, design and food in the city of Christchurch.

IAAC Global Summer School: Architecture Meets Biology

From coding to cultivating. Swinburne hosted a Global Summer Studio, in collaboration with the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IaaC), which examined how to mitigate resource consumption and environmental harm as a result of ‘making’.

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The Dean’s Scholarship: Excellence in Architecture and Urban Design

This scholarship recognises outstanding applicants. Apply for a master degree and you could receive a full-fee scholarship.

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Your teachers

Surround yourself with people who reflect who you want to be. Whether that’s an architect working on Gaudí’s Sagrada Família designs, a globe-trotting interdisciplinary designer, an awarded, practicing architect, or the architect with surprising answers to construction challenges. You’ll get to work in studio settings alongside our exemplary teachers.