Alumni Volunteering and Mentoring Program transcript


ASTRID D'SILVA: For me, the Alumni Volunteering and Mentoring Program was all about giving back to the community.

SAM GINSBERG: It made me feel fantastic. It's such a pleasure to make a contribution to another person's life. And I know it made a difference.

ZUBEN RUSTOMJEE: I always see the next generation as being better than the previous one. And the reason why I say that is because they're able to learn from our mistakes.

ANNA CAIRO: They are diverse. They give their opinions. They're not afraid to say what they believe in. And they ask the best questions.

ASTRID D'SILVA: My approach was to use an informal one-on-one mentoring. We met as friends.

NILUSHA PERERA: My mentor helped me to realize my confidence. That's the main thing. I came to realize it's going to be a mutual understanding where thoughts, emotions comes into play. With the confidence is the key to success.

ANNA CAIRO: The focus was on career development. And the main point that I would give to them is to say that it's not possible to find the ideal job the first time. It's important just to get a foot in the door, and they will move forward from there.

SAM GINSBERG: I'm convinced that the program is as valuable to the mentor as to the mentee. I learned to be patient. I learned to listen carefully.

ZUBEN RUSTOMJEE: A lot of the skills I've learned about how to handle different situations, especially with people coming from different backgrounds, like an international student.

ANNA CAIRO: The key point that I did learn was that regardless of where people came from, they were basically the same, and listening and communication were really key to understanding those. The stand out is really the diversity of the programs, of being involved in a variety of activities, including public speaking.

ZUBEN RUSTOMJEE: Public speaking can be an opportunity to share your story and to share your feelings and the lessons that you may have learned.

ASTRID D'SILVA: The mentor is not a teacher or a coach telling them what to do or how to do, but it's sharing that expertise and just helping them help themselves.

ZUBEN RUSTOMJEE: Getting to see all of those students and being able to celebrate their achievements with them was an extremely humbling experience.

NILUSHA PERERA: I was excited and nervous about my graduation ceremony. When I shared that I am going to be graduated in the coming week. She was more excited about that event as well.

ANNA CAIRO: Sign up today, because it will be one of the best experiences you will ever have.

SAM GINSBERG: Give something back to the university that gave you such a huge start in life. Certainly, if I was a student now, I'd be jumping on the mentor program as a mentee.