Digital Business Management

Emerging technologies and business models, big data, consumer technology, cybersecurity, enterprise IT architecture, digital asset management, systems development and user design – these are the areas through which you’ll learn to transform and innovate business. Combine understanding with technical skills to implement change, assess the investment value of digital business initiatives, and cultivate a culture of innovation, in any environment.

Who you are

You’re a mid-level IT and management professional with one eye on a senior management role where you could be the catalyst and leader in facilitating, creating and commercialising digital innovations.

Where it can take you

You will be poised to take on senior manager, strategist and analyst roles in digital business, technology and entrepreneurship, including C-suite roles like Chief Information Officer and Chief Digital Officer. You will also be more than ready to get your own startup off the ground and thrive.

Double master option

Master of Digital Business Management/Master of Business Administration (Executive)

Industry Partner

Design your program

Sherwin readily admits that without the Double Masters, he wouldn’t have progressed this far at such a young age. He’s a startup mentor and currently the Head of Experience Design at Ippon Australia, a multinational technology consulting firm.

Sherwin Torres, AGSE Digital Business Management and Business Administration graduate, class of 2012.

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