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Digital Literacies at Swinburne

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Increasing the integration of digital literacy in the curriculum encourages a wider discussion among staff and students of the importance of digital literacy in the future world of work and beyond.

This focus provides staff with the skills to design curricula to support student awareness, abilities and confidence to use digital technologies, to work with data and connect, create, problem solve and communicate more effectively. 

Learning and teaching methodologies that support a creative mindset 

We focus on learning and teaching methodologies that create opportunities for digital literacies within curriculum. This supports staff to innovate within their teaching methodologies and utilise making for learning techniques, so students can utilise digital technologies to create, communicate and critically discuss new work. This approach foregrounds the roles risk, play and failure have within learning, and the complex (and exciting) ways in which creative problem solving and critical thinking impact our use of technology.

At Swinburne, digital literacy capabilities are being increasingly embedded within all courses, including innovations in learning activities and digital assessment tasks that are enabled through Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

Additional Resources

Swinburne staff members can also access Swinburne’s LTU website that that supports staff with professional development, pedagogical resources, authentic assessment and other support to create innovations within curriculum.