Teaching and learning

Swinburne's teaching and learning objectives support the principles set out in our Charter of Cultural Diversity

3. Make cultural diversity integral to delivering a world-class education in a globalised world

a. Swinburne commits to providing a world-class education for local and international students that is supported by culturally diverse, competent and capable academic and professional staff. They will provide a diverse, inclusive and creative study and work environment. The environment will be supportive of all staff and students, recognising and supporting our different cultural backgrounds. 

b. Swinburne will encourage and support the creative contribution and inclusive participation of students and staff from all diverse backgrounds. This input will help the development and teaching of our academic courses, including teaching and learning methods and programs. 

c. Swinburne aims to structure and promote strategies and programs that are consistent with our commitment to cultural diversity principles and outcomes. This includes professional development, learning opportunities, student advancement and engagement strategies and programs.

d. Academic programs and planning generally will aim to achieve: 

  • high levels of satisfaction by local and international students with particular attention to students of non-English speaking backgrounds
  • high levels of interaction between local and international students through programs such as joint assignments, mentoring schemes and participation in university forums, events and club activities
  • increasing international student enrolments, including students from the Asia-Pacific region.

4. Develop a vibrant culturally diverse environment within the university

a. Swinburne will promote, maintain and expand effective working relationships between staff and students of diverse cultural backgrounds. This will help to promote sharing of cultural knowledge, understanding and experiences across the university. 

b. Swinburne will promote cultural activities which celebrate the diversity of our staff and students. These activities will be designed to share cultural knowledge, understanding and experiences. 

c. Curriculumn development will seek to introduce cultural diversity and cross-cultural communication themes and resources into existing courses and subjects. Consideration will be given to strengthening and expanding academic course units about cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. 

5. Enhance Swinburne's reputation as an institution where teaching and learning equip students for life and careers in a globalised world

a. Swinburne will promote strategies, plans and programs which strongly emphasise culturally diverse design and delivery approaches. This will be within our academic curricula, teaching methodologies and assessment programs. It will help equip our students to pursue professional careers and to operate effectively and productively in a highly diverse cultural and global environment.

b. Swinburne's teaching and learning activities and curricula will seek to create an open, diverse and inclusive approach. It will value contributions from our culturally diverse staff and students in ways that enrich both teaching and learning for our staff and students. 

c. Swinburne will encourage undergraduate, and especially postgraduate students, to undertake overseas student mobility programs. We will encourage students to participate in and enjoy greater opportunities to complete degrees jointly offered by Swinburne and international partner institutions. 

d. International and local students from culturally diverse backgrounds will have greater opportunity to share their cultural knowledge and, where appropriate, language skills. By participating in structured initiatives and programs, students will help enrich and improve teaching and learning. It will also improve our cross-cultural competence and capability within our community.

Our students and staff come from more than 100 nations, across every continent of the globe.

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