International collaboration

Swinburne's international collaboration objectives support the principles set out in our Charter of Cultural Diversity

10. Strengthen Swinburne's international collaboration and partnerships

a. Swinburne’s commitment to our cultural diversity values and strategies provides us with an effective platform to develop relevant international relationships and strategic alliances. We will partner with universities, research centres and institutions, business organisations, government and intergovernmental agencies to facilitate academic and research collaboration.

Swinburne is a university that encourages a global exchange of knowledge and ideas.

b. Swinburne will seek to play a leading role as a world-class university to:

  • advance collaboration on research partnerships and outcomes, student and staff exchanges, and public engagement activities
  • promote cultural inclusion and understanding, social harmony and inter-cultural and inter-faith exchanges and dialogue.

11. Strengthen Swinburne's support for international students and alumni

a. Swinburne will seek to enhance engagement with our existing networks of international students and alumni. We will help students and alumni to capitalise on our global engagement and outreach. We will aim to build on benefits and opportunities for the university that can be derived from its extensive culturally diverse and international networks.

b. Swinburne will strengthen programs and activities that integrate and transition international students into our culture and campus life. We will assist students to take advantage of opportunities that the university offers. We will encourage and support international students to:

  • actively contribute, participate and invest in the life, growth and future of the university as a world-class university
  • maintain association with Swinburne by continuing education, personal and professional networking, connection and interaction, and philanthropic engagement facilitated by our alumni network and international engagement.

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