Swinburne's engagement objectives support the principles set out in our Charter of Cultural Diversity

8. Position Swinburne as a pre-eminent centre of cross-cultural understanding and engagement

a. Swinburne will translate the principles of our charter into strategies, policies, programs and activities. They will be place us at the forefront and cutting-edge of cross-cultural dialogue, education, operational practices and engagement. This will be within the university and in partnership with industry and community sectors, at local, national and international levels.

b. Swinburne will adopt and implement innovative programs and strategies to enhance and advance cultural diversity as a practical, positive and dynamic force. It will develop media and communications strategies to promote our cultural diversity strategies and strengths. It will also promote the charter, objectives, programs and initiatives which we initiate under our Cultural Diversity Strategic Framework.

9. Strengthen Swinburne's engagement with industry and community

a. By embracing and nurturing the strengths of cultural diversity values and knowledge, Swinburne will make this innovative aspect of learning, teaching and research a key feature of existing and new partnerships with government, business organisations and the community. This will promote collaborative, educational and research programs and initiatives in areas such as student placements, public engagement activities, scholarship, and philanthropic and research partnerships.

At Swinburne, we believe diversity creates strength.

b. Swinburne will foster partnerships and collaboration with government departments and business organisations to design and implement research and teaching programs. These programs will take advantage of the opportunities presented by our cultural diversity strategies and initiatives. In particular, these programs will be in the fields of science and technology, innovation, research and education.

c. Swinburne will actively engage and collaborate with culturally diverse and religious community organisations. We will seek to facilitate research and public education programs, cross-cultural dialogues and discussions, community-based initiatives and forums, and inter-faith activities. We will aim to create a positive and lasting social impact on communities.

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