Culture and capability

Swinburne's culture and capability objectives support the principles set out in our Charter of Cultural Diversity

1. Harness Swinburne's cultural diversity assets and skills

a. Swinburne will strengthen existing cultural diversity policies, plans, programs and strategies. We will develop new innovative and practical ones designed to value and nurture the academic expertise, practical experience, language skills and cultural knowledge of all segments of our culturally diverse community.

b. Swinburne commits to cultural diversity principles and objectives that reflect, wherever practicable, in our staff recruitment, employment and professional development and programs. We will integrate cultural diversity principles and objectives into key areas of the university's and human resources operations, plans, programs and mission. We will seek to meaningfully and effectively increase the proportion of staff from a culturally diverse background within our workforce.

This Charter will ensure there is a consistent, university-wide approach to cultural diversity across all areas of the university.

2. Develop innovative cultural diversity capacities 

a. Swinburne will seek to apply innovative strategies, policies, programs and practices that build on our traditions and achievements to enhance cultural diversity capacities. This applies to our teaching, learning, research engagement, operations and administration.

b. Strategic and operational university plans will reflect and be inclusive of linguistic, cultural, racial and religious diversity. They will promote diversity in cultural knowledge and competence, proficiency in languages and cultural understanding among our staff and students.

c. Decision-making bodies engaging in the design, delivery and implementation of Swinburne's strategies and programs should reflect, wherever possible, a membership with high cultural diversity competence and proficiency in languages other than English. These include academic, administrative and corporate teams, and committees.

d. Academic and professional staff should, where possible, be encouraged to undertake professional development programs to enhance cross-cultural competence and skills. This is especially for staff interacting and working with culturally diverse students. 

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