Indigenous Studies Research Grants and Teaching Grants Schemes

The Indigenous Studies Research Grants and Teaching Grants Schemes are an initiative of our 2017-19 Reconciliation Action Plan.

They have been created to develop and support Indigenous Studies research and teaching at Swinburne. They particularly aim to foster community and collaborative research and teaching, and to support Indigenous researchers and teachers.

List of recipients

2018 recipients

Indigenous Research Grants

Angela Burt

  • Indigenous cultural competency and employability: challenging the discourse

Dr Brad Elphinstone, Dr Steven Conway, Dr Troy Innocent, Dr Justin Trounson

  • Consulting with local Indigenous communities to design a location-based augmented reality smartphone game

Dr Emma Lee, Todd Sculthorpe

  • Dismantling barriers by dining with Aboriginal Tasmanians: Dark Mofo Winter Feast and Indigenous wild-catch seafood

Dr Andrew Peters

  • Understanding contemporary Indigenous knowledge

Dr Stephanie Shepherd, Benjamin Spivak, Dr Justin Trounson, Professor Yin Paradies

  • How do criminogenic, cultural and community-level factors differ between Indigenous people in custody and Indigenous people in the general community

Indigenous Teaching Grants

Robyn Delbridge, Associate Professor Doa El-Ansary, Dr Annie-Claude Lassemillante, Associate Professor Regina Belski

  • Developing students’ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People cultural capability through Communication: Co-creating learning resources and assessments for Health Professions students.

Dr Loretta Garvey, Anne Williams, Robyn Delbridge, Associate Professor Doa El-Ansary, Dr Jessica Mackelprang

  • Interprofessional Indigenous Simulation: learning the impact of culture on health for health professions students

Vicki Singleton

  • Incorporation of Indigenous Studies into Migrant English and General education curricula

Jenny Turner

  • On Country Conversations – An immersive engineering education experience

2017 recipients

Indigenous Research Grants

Dr Justin Trounson, Associate Professor Jeff Pfeifer, Dr Stephane Shepherd

  • Exploring the Perceptions of Well-being and Workplace Adversity in Indigenous Corrections Employees

Dr Karen Hughes, Aunty Ellen Trevorrow, Cholena Smith

  • Understanding Visual Sovereignty in Indigenous Photographic Histories in Australia and North America, a reciprocal exchange

Aunty Dot Peters, Dr Andrew Peters, Professor Josie Arnold

  • Aunty Dot Peters and Wurundjeri Women’s Business: making a traditional eel trap

Dr Stephanie Shepherd, Professor Yin Paradies, Diane Sivasubramaniam, Benjamin Spivak

  • The Impact of Micro-aggressions on the Distress Levels of Indigenous University Students

Dr Samantha Edwards-Vandenhoek, James Berrett, Cassie Leatham Fisher Patterson

  • Over Time We Come Together: Indigenous knowledge sharing and connecting through digital storytelling

Indigenous Teaching Grants

Dr Andrew Dodd, Lisa Gye

  • Telling the Story of the Warrigal Creek Massacre

Dr Jessica Mackelprang, Dr Danielle Williamson

  • Developing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Curriculum to Promote Cultural Competence in Trauma and Health Units in Psychology

Anne Williams, Associate Professor Mary Kennedy-Jones, Dr Jonathon Kingsley

  • Co-creating Engaging Learning Resources to Prepare Students to Provide Culturally Safe Heath Services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

Lisa Devlin

  • Embedding an Indigenous Dimension into all PAVE programs


2016 recipients

Indigenous Research Grants

Professor Linda Briskman, Terri Libesman, Beverly Whyman

  • A Mother’s Story

Dr Samantha Edwards-Vandenhoek

  • Building Social Capital and Fostering Innovation through Digital Place-Making in the Ramingining Aboriginal Community, Central Arnhem Land

Dr Karen Hughes, Aunty Ellen Trevorrow

  • Photographing the Ngarrindjeri Fringe Camps; an exercise in history and healing

Dr Andrew Peters, Dr Justin Trounson

  • Port Phillip Prison Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Men’s Homework Club

Dr Stephanie Shepherd, Professor James Ogloff, Laura Wilson

  • The relevance of Aboriginality in sentencing; Reducing inequality before the law or undermining individualised justice?

Further information

For further information please contact:

Professor Andrew Gunstone
Executive Director (Reconciliation Strategy and Leadership)
Professor of Indigenous Studies
t: +61 3 9214 5101