'Katia Lordelo's Swinburne Story' transcript

I’m Katia Lordelo and this is my Swinburne Story.

I had no information about Australia when I made the decision to leave Brazil for Melbourne. But Australia was the first option in my list.

I’m originally from Brazil and I currently work as a client services administrator at Swinburne’s StudentHQ in Hawthorn.

My story with Swinburne started almost eleven years ago when I was a student in Brazil and decided to change my career from telecommunications English has never appealed to me, and was one of the most difficult things to learn. However I decided to change from a hopeless, no English-speaker person, to eventually to become the polyglot that I am today.

The change happened one day, sixteenth of April 2003, when my story began arriving in Australia as an international student at Swinburne College. I spent almost eight months trying so hard to learn English at the College.

Five years ago, I had the opportunity to join the Swinburne International team, working at the front counter, and using my own student experience to help those who now come to study in Australia.

One year later, I moved into Swinburne College in a similar position. After three and a half years at the college, I was transferred into my current position. I can relate to the students using my life experience in many ways.

If it wasn’t for that one decision, I would have given up with my … language, and my whole life in Australia wouldn’t have been possible.