Car sharing

Car sharing is a rental model. Rent cars for a short period of time (often by the hour). Help reduce congestion and pollution by replacing private cars with shared ones. It reduces demand for parking spaces too.


Flexicar offers three car share rentals close to the Hawthorn campus. Discounts are available for students.

Glenferrie Place Carpark - North-east corner of the Council carpark on Glenferrie Place. Access is via Serpells Lane off Burwood Road.

Evansdale Road (Hawthorn Station) - Adjacent to Hawthorn train station carpark, on the western side of Evansdale Road.

12 Wakefield Street - On the south side of Wakefield Street, halfway between Glenferrie Road and Alfred Street.

Sharing your own car

Arrange to share your car with friends, family or colleagues. Travel to Swinburne together.