Gender Neutral Bathrooms and Safe Spaces

In 2014, Swinburne became the first university in Victoria to install a gender neutral bathroom for Trans and genderqueer students. We now have a few Gender Neutral Bathrooms across campus. They are located in the following spots:


  • Building 1A - Security (1 Alfred Street) - Bottom floor
  • EN (Engineering Building) - Next to EN210 on level 2
  • AD (Old Administration Building) - Located outside, across from Haddons Cafe and before the lifts and AD102 access. 
  • UN (UN Building) - Located next to the Hammer & Swine on level 3. 


  • CF (Cafeteria)
  • CN6


  • WD (Library and Student HQ)

Safe Spaces

The Swinburne Student Union groups include:

  • Indigenous Collective
  • Health & Disability Collective
  • Women's Collective
  • Queer Collective

The Women's Room is a supportive space for female students to feel safe throughout the entire year. Swinburne also has a Queer Space, which provides a similar atmosphere for our LGBTI community. Both spaces are filled with couches, desks and plenty of friendly faces. So if you want to chill out, study or you're just keen for a chat, drop by Level 2 of the AD Building on the Hawthorn campus.

Visit the Swinburne Student Union website to find out more.