Swinburne 2025

More than 100 years ago Swinburne opened its doors with a simple premise in mind: to provide education to a section of society otherwise denied further education.

More than a century later, we continue to persevere in our commitment to not only provide, but also transform education through strong industry engagement, social inclusion, a desire to innovate and, above all, a determination to create positive change.

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Discover the new 2020 edition.

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15 Jun

Midyear Web Sessions

New ways of studying, new ways of working and change you can look forward to, 15-18 June.

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21 May

Skin Care Based in Science Creates Jobs

A lecture presented by Professor Jane Openheim, the 2019 APPLIED Clunies Ross Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner.

27 May

Masterclass with Canva Co-Founder, Cameron Adams

A fireside chat and Q&A - learn about reaching product market fit, building loyal audiences and growing your business rapidly.

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