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Use of computers in examinations

This information is available to download in a word document - Use of computers in examinations.

Guidelines for use of computers in exams

Students requesting the use of a computer in examinations must provide documentation supporting this requirement from the Health care professional responsible for the coordination or management of their condition. The documentation should include a definition of health and/or general circumstances and a statement about current status, prognosis and what sort of accommodations the student requires in order to participate in university study. The Disability Liaison Officer (DLO) does not accept documentation from a family member or close personal friend of the student.

Students should be aware of the risk of using a computer in exam conditions, with the possibility of power failure, computer malfunction and not saving information correctly. Students use computers at their own risk.

  • All computer stations at the alternative exam venue are equipped with an ergonomic chair and appropriate working space.
  • Students are not permitted to bring disks into the exam venue. In the case of an open book exam, the student is not permitted to bring in material stored on disk. Students may only bring material authorised by the department into the exam venue.
  • In accordance with Alternative Assessment Arrangements procedures, the student's department will be notified that the student will be using a computer. Any personal information about the student's disability remains confidential unless the student gives written permission to release this information.
  • Students will be provided with a disk that must be clearly labelled with name, student ID number, and subject code, date and time of exam.
  • Students should save their work to disk periodically throughout the exam and as a safety precaution save their exam on C drive at the end of the exam. The disk should then be given to the exam supervisor who will forward it to the relevant department.
  • Computers provided will not have internet access.
  • Students will have access to a printer to produce a hard copy of their examination paper for proofreading if requested.

Students are reminded to save their work both to disk and C drive regularly to avoid loss of work.

Use of student's own personal computer in an exam

In exceptional circumstances, students may be granted permission to use their own computer in exams or class tests.

This will be permitted only where students require access to specialised software/hardware that is currently not provided on University computers. This may include facilities such as voice-activated software, or other adaptations that have been developed specifically for the student's condition.

Requests to use a personal computer must first be discussed with Disability Services. The student's department will be informed of the request. The faculty may require that students sign a statutory declaration that he/she will use the personal computer that they are permitted to bring into the examination venue only for the purposes of undertaking the exam, and will not access any data or software on their hard drive. Internet access will not be permitted.