Creating tomorrow’s solutions begins with an understanding of design, building and technology, today.

We believe engineers continue to design the future of the world, from next-generation computers to industrial robots. That’s why we offer engineering courses at Swinburne.

Engineering courses take you on a journey through a field that creates solutions to today’s problems – literally. We provide you with the comprehensive understanding and practical skills needed to design, build and maintain our built environment. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn how to create innovative and sustainable products: It’s just a matter of choosing the course that suits the future you can picture.

By the time you graduate, you’ll have the confidence and skills to apply your knowledge to the workplace.

An engineering course could lead to a future within biomedical, civil, construction, manufacturing, mechanical, network and telecommunication environments.

We think it’s an experience that makes the adventure worth taking.
Come, see for yourself.

Student projects

At Swinburne, we prepare you for work by connecting you with industry before you graduate. 

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Swinburne research

Swinburne's Dr Thomas Leong is using sound waves to assist in separating cream from milk. It's just one example of how Swinburne research has direct links to industry.

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Photograph of Jacqui, Bachelor of Engineering (Product Design) (Honours)

I have always been creative and interested in how things work. From an early age I dreamed of being an inventor but a Bachelor of Inventiveness did not exist. Then I discovered product design engineering – it was the fusion of creative design thinking and engineering I was looking for.


Bachelor of Engineering (Product Design) (Honours)