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Combine imagination with smart business sense

Swinburne's prestigious design courses let you combine imagination and innovation with smart business sense. You'll learn how to harness your natural creativity and apply it in industry, and can even combine your studies in design with a business course to enhance your employability or prepare you for running your own business.

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The new home of design and innovationSwinburne is proud to announce the construction of our new, $100 million centre focused on design and innovation, opening in 2014 at the Hawthorn campus.

The centre is designed to be a hub for researchers and industry to carry out world-leading research, education and training.

Leading multinational companies Boeing and Suntech Power Holdings are foundation partners in the centre.

The Faculty of Design will also be located in this new building, bringing design students closer to engineering and business disciplines, allowing more collaborative learning.

Slideshow of students work

Sam Paverd, Herb Hub, 3rd year Samantha Lewis, Welcome to Wonderland, 3rd year John Hewitt, Hunt and Ward Pasta, 3rd year Isabelle Young, French Film Festival Poster, Honours Year Eliza Delvin, Raw Melbourne, 3rd year Brian Edwards, Meat the Truth, Honours Year Eka Prawira, Garden Fury, 3rd year Allan Wilson, Toothfairy, 2nd year Romain Colomer, Optical Base, 3rd year Jake Doherty, Swinburne Open Day Commercial',  honours year Margaux Bonne, The St Kilda Childcare Centre, 3rd year Hua Li, The Voice of China, 3rd year Alice Caddingham, The St Kilda Childcare Centre, 3rd year Yinn Ooi, Issey Miyake Retail, 3rd year Sandrine Jouffre, The Vortex, 3rd year Frances Gaffney, The Arborio Hotel, 3rd year Charlie Ford (Director), still from Stone, 3rd year Aimee Han (Director), still from The River, 3rd year Linus Koh (Director), still from Hath No Man, 3rd year Aimee Han (Director), still from The River, 3rd year Daniel Hull,  Braun Lantern, Honours Year Eunhae Le, E-Ball Wash, Honours Year Kerry Taylor, Engulfe Light, Honours Year Henry Ly, Bowerbird Automatic Gardening System, Honours year Henry Lt, Broadmeadows Vision 2032; Dallas Paper Planes, Honours Year Jesse Leeworthy, Ishke, Water purifying dispensing system, Honours year Caley Malady, SSCD Superheated Steam Coal Dryer, Honours year Ryan Mischkulnig, Enable, 4th year Edward Taylor, Tantalus SP, 4th Year Connie Hinchliffe, AX-Home Health Palm, 4th Year

Featured courses

Bachelor of Design (Industrial Design)

The Bachelor of Design (Industrial Design) looks at new materials and manufacturing techniques with a view to create product concepts for the future.

You'll get straight into the hands-on side of things, from digital modelling to model-making using a wide range of industry software and workshop-based prototyping facilities.

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