Indigenous Australian Experiences

INS10001, formerly LIN101 12.5 Credit Points Hawthorn


  • One Semester

Contact hours

  • 36 hours over the semester, normally 3 hours per week



Aims and objectives

Indigenous issues in Australia continue to be at the centre of public discussions concerning our national identity, history, and political, legal, health and education systems. This unit of study seeks to initiate the education of students in Indigenous issues so that they may contribute to these discussions from a position that is better informed.

The unit of study aims to provide students with an understanding of Australia's Indigenous peoples and the issues that define their experiences as Australian citizens. Further, it also seeks to encourage students to examine their role as Australian citizens in our contemporary multicultural and multinational society, and to actively encourage students to develop and practice broader thinking in issues of inter-cultural relationships.

Courses with unit

This is a prescribed unit of study in the Social Science Major/s and Minor/s. It may also be undertaken as a unit of study in any other Swinburne degree program, subject to the prerequisite and degree requirements.

Please note that unit codes have changed from 2014. Please ensure that you check the unit entry for the correct 2014 unit code.