Design and Measurement 3

STA20002, formerly LSQ300 12.5 Credit Points Hawthorn


  • One Semester

Contact hours

  • 42 hours over the teaching period (normally 3.5 hours per week)

Aims and objectives

The aims are to provide you with the skills necessary to:
• Critically assess statistics presented in journal articles
• Choose and conduct appropriate statistical analyses on your own data
• Write informative reports on statistical analyses

On completion of the unit students will be able to :
• Make a clear statement of the objectives of a study
• Prepare data for analysis using appropriate data screening techniques
• Analyse the data using appropriate multivariate statistical techniques
• Interpret the results and write a concise, informative report

Courses with unit

*From July, 2013 this unit will be taught at the Hawthorn Campus
Co-badged with STA310 Multivariate Statistics (Online)

This is a prescribed unit of study in the Social Science Major/s. It may also be undertaken as a unit of study in any other Swinburne degree program, subject to the prerequisite and degree requirements.