Design and Measurement 2

STA20001, formerly LSQ200 12.5 Credit Points Hawthorn


  • 12 week teaching period

Contact hours

  • 42 hours over the teaching period (normally 3.5 hours per week)


Aims and objectives

To develop students’ capacity to carry out independent statistical investigations, together with an awareness of the assumptions and limitations involved with the generalisation of results of such investigations.

On completion of the unit students will be able to:
• Make a clear statement of the objectives of a study
• Prepare the data for analysis by SPSS for Windows
• Analyse the data using SPSS for Windows
• Interpret the results and write a concise report

Courses with unit

1. LSQ520 Design and Measurement 2
2. STA210 Analysis of Variance (Online)
3. STA510 Analysis of Variance (Online)
4. LSQ200 Design and Measurement 2
This is a prescribed unit of study in the Graduate Diploma of Social Science (Psychological Studies). It may also be undertaken as a unit of study in any other Swinburne degree program, subject to the prerequisite and degree requirements.