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Help available at Swinburne

Business hours: Monday to Friday, 9.00am - 5.00pm

Swinburne International Student Advisers are available to help you during business hours.

Telephone: 03 9214 6741


After hours: Monday to Friday, 5.00pm - 9.00am and 24 hours a day Saturday and Sunday

Outside business hours, phone the Swinburne after-hours assistance line.

T: 1800 022 168
(Free call from landlines anywhere in Australia. Standard mobile phone rates apply).

Emergency assistance

  • Dial 000 for police, ambulance and fire brigade.
  • Call Swinburne Security on (03) 9214 3333.

Safety tips and advice

Safety on campus

Swinburne Security provides a 24-hour on-campus service, including CCTV. This includes an escort service where we will walk you to your car, the train station or another destination close to campus. Phone: 03 9214 3333

The Safer Community Program is your one-stop shop for all student welfare support and campus security services. Safer Community aims to encourage students and staff to play a significant part in campus safety by looking out for one another.

Swinburne Night Bus - Get safely to a nearby carpark or public transport at night.

Safety at home

  • Security
    • Have your keys ready well before you reach the door of your house.
    • Check to see that windows and doors are in good condition and have secure locks.
    • Make sure that all windows and doors are locked when you go out.
    • Never leave cash or credit cards lying around.
    • Don’t leave spare keys outside or in a garage or shed.
    • Keep house and car keys separate.
    • If you are going away, tell someone you trust where you are going and when you will be back.
  • Fire safety - for information about fire safety in the home, please visit the Metropolitan Fire Brigade.
  • Your belongings
    • Make a list of your possessions (including make, model and serial numbers) for reference.
    • Keep photographic records of valuables.
    • Insure your possessions against loss or theft.

Safety in Melbourne

  • Car
    • You must fulfil the legal requirements and be aware of the correct procedures before you drive. Learn more about driving in Australia at VicRoads and the Transport Accident Commission.
    • Have your keys ready well before you reach the door of your car.
    • Always lock your car when you are not using it.
    • Make sure laptops, mobile phones and valuables are not visible in an empty car.
  • Public transport
  • Money
    • Don’t carry large amounts of cash with you.
    • Memorise your PIN (personal identification number). Never write down your PIN or give it to anyone else.
    • Be aware of others around you at an ATM (automatic teller machine) and try not to use them at night or in poorly lit areas. 
    • When you use an ATM, go with a friend and leave as soon as you have your money.
  • Your belongings
    • If you have a bicycle, always lock it up to a fixed object with a good-quality D-lock by its frame and wheel.
    • Try not to use a computer case when carrying a laptop; carry it in a less obvious bag. Back up your work and keep it separate from your laptop.
    • Avoid displaying expensive items such as mobile phones in busy public places.
    • Carry your bag close to you with the clasp facing inwards or strap over your shoulder. If someone grabs your bag, let it go – your safety is more important.
  • Being out at night
    • Find suitable and safe routes to petrol stations, shops and your local police station.
    • Walk in pairs in well-lit areas and on busier streets, not dark alleyways and side-streets.
  • If you feel threatened
    • Avoid confrontation - it is better and safer to walk away if you are being provoked.
    • If you think you are being followed, cross the street, and if you are still worried, move as quickly as possible to a public area and then telephone for help.
  • Water
    • You can safely drink Melbourne tap water, it is one of the purest supplies in the world.
    • Get beach safety advice at at BeachSafe.
    • Register for the Swinburne International Bush and Beach Safety Program (April and November)

Support and advice

Consular services

Country Consulate Contact
China Consulate General of the People's Republic of China (03) 9822 0604
India India Consulate General of India, Melbourne
High Commission of India in Australia, ACT
(03) 9384 0460
(02) 6273 3999
Indonesia Consulate-General of the Republic of Indonesia (03) 9525 2755
Korea Consulate-General of the Republic of Korea (02) 9210 0200
Malaysia Consulate of Malaysia (02) 9327 7596
Oman Consulate-General of the Sultanate of Oman (03) 9820 4096
Pakistan Consulate-General of Pakistan (02) 9222 1806
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (02) 6269 3170
Sri Lanka Consulate of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (03) 9802 0255
Thailand Royal Thai Consulate-General (03) 9533 9100
United Arab Emirates Embassy of the United Arab Emirates (02) 6286 8802
Vietnam Consulate-General of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (02) 9327 2539