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Vocational education fees

Search for your course to get an estimate of overall fees. Please note your fees will vary depending on which specific units you decide to study in your course. The Student Services and Amenities fee is also payable and is dependent on the number of units you study during the year.

For VET FEE-HELP eligible courses, you can also get an estimate of your course fees by totalling the individual cost of each unit that you will study in your course. Fees by unit are available below:

Can I get some government assistance to pay my fees?

Government subsidised places

The Victorian State Government subsidises the cost of study for eligible students. To be eligible for a Government subsidised training place you must meet certain requirements – age, citizenship/residency and prior completed qualifications (Australian only or overseas qualifications that have been formally assessed to be Australian equivalent). There is also a limit on the number of subsidised courses a student can study in a calendar year.

Fee concessions

Government concessions

Tuition fee concessions

If you qualify for a government subsidised place in a course at a Certifcate IV level or below, you may be eligible for a government concession.

Important: If you are eligible for a Health Care Card, you should apply now.

Special course concessions

Children's Services Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas

In 2014, students who were eligible for a government subsidised place and were enrolled into the courses listed below were exempt from paying tuition fees in 2014. However, this fee waiver no longer applies in 2015. Any students enrolled in the courses listed below in 2014, who are continuing their studies in 2015, will be required to pay fees for units taken in 2015.

  • CHC50908 – Diploma of Children's Services (Early Childhood Education and Care)
  • CHC50113 – Diploma of Children's Services (Early Childhood Education and Care)
  • CHC60208 – Advanced Diploma of Children's Services
  • CHC50302 – Diploma of Children's Services
  • CHC60202 – Advanced Diploma of Children's Services

Community Based Orders and Judy Lazarus Transition Centre

If you are on a Community Based Order, or an individual from the Judy Lazarus Transition Centre, and meet the eligibility criteria for a government subsidised place, you may be eligible for a full waiver of your tuition fees. You will need to provide a copy of your status confirmation from the Department of Human Services or Judy Lazarus Transition Centre, to be entitled to the fee waiver.


VET FEE-HELP is a Commonwealth Government loan through which you can defer the payment of your tuition fees. It is only available for Diploma/Advanced Diploma, Vocational Graduate Diploma and Vocational Graduate Certificate courses. Listed below are some Certificate IV courses which Swinburne offers as part of the VET FEE-HELP trial:

  • Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building)
  • Certificate IV in Disability

Please note that VET FEE-HELP does not cover accommodation or living expenses.


Full fee paying courses

If you do not qualify for a concession or a government subsidised place, you will enrol as a full fee paying student. This means you are required to contribute the full cost of your course. Search for your course to get an estimate of overall fees.


VET Tuition Assurance Exemption

Swinburne has been granted an exemption from VET Tuition Assurance requirements under the Higher Education Support Act 2003.

Before discontinuing a VET course of study, we will consult with any students potentially impacted and consider feedback before any decisions are made.

If your VET course of study is discontinued, we will work with you to find the best possible outcome from the following options:

  • You will be transitioned into a mutually agreed alternative course or a suitable replacement VET course of study at Swinburne University of Technology or another VET provider.
  • We will help you complete your course through a supported or modified learning program.
  • We will refund you any upfront fees and remit any VET FEE-HELP balances where your units cannot be credited into a replacement course.


Full list of vocational education course fees