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Student Fees 2014

Are you an international student? If yes, please refer to Swinburne International course fees.

How much will my course cost?

Estimates of your course fees are available below. Your fees will vary depending on which specific units you decide to study in your course. Student Amenities Fees are also payable and are dependent on your course load.

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2014 Indicative Course Fees

You can make your own estimate of your course fees by totaling the individual cost of each unit that you will study in your course. Fees by Unit are available below:

How do I apply for Government Assistance to pay my fees?

Government assistance is available through a variety of student loans schemes and discounts for upfront payment of fees.

Eligible students wishing to access any of the Government loan schemes listed below for payment of tuition fees should complete a Request for Commonwealth Assistance (eCAF) online through My.Swinburne. Check details below to find out whether you are eligible for assistance.

If you have any difficulties accessing My.Swinburne send an email to

Government Assistance available for Local Undergraduate students:

You can apply for separate government loans to cover tuition, student amenities fees and for study overseas.




Government Assistance available for Local Postgraduate students:



Government Assistance available for Local TAFE students:


When are my fees due?

What if I want to withdraw from the course or my current unit enrolments?

We recognise there are many reasons a student may discontinue study aside from financial difficulty and would like to remind you that Swinburne offers a variety of support mechanisms to support you in your studies. Swinburne offers a number of personal and educational services to support every Swinburne student achieve their educational aims.

Important: Seek assistance early as payment must be made by the due date.

  • Withdrawal deadlines: Census dates apply to all courses. Census dates are deadlines for withdrawal without financial penalty and there are different Census dates for each semester. If you wish to withdraw from either the course or one or more units you will need to do this before the relevant census date to avoid liability for the related course or unit fees.
  • How to withdraw: Complete the withdrawal form available from the Student Forms website and return it to your local student HQ. You will then receive a notification of withdrawal from Swinburne.

How do I pay?

There are a number of ways for you to pay your fees.