Centre for Urban Transitions

Postgraduate students

Current students

NameThesis / project titleContact
Viktoria Adler From Colombia to Australia: Life Stories of Shifting Identities among Colombian Born Women Living in Melbourne, Australia vadler@swin.edu.au
Aggeliki Aggeli The Australian home renovation process: Media and low carbon design choices aggeli@swin.edu.au
Deborah Batterham The Homelessness and Housing link in Australia: Geography, Mobility, Risk and Capabilities dbatterham@swin.edu.au
Mandy Brent-Houghton The housing disadvantage of women alone in older age: An enduring Inequality? mbrenthoughton@swin.edu.au
Carly Copolov Exploring the predictors of wellbeing and mental health service use for young Hazaras with refugee backgrounds in Australia cscopolov@swin.edu.au
Rowan Dickson Discursive analysis concerning asylum seekers and refugees - Australian federal election campaigns 1977 to 2013 rdickson@swin.edu.au
Mark Dowling   mwdowling@swin.edu.au
Sarah Fiess Circles of Women: Sustainable Consumption and Digital Media. 101323494@student.swin.edu.au
Paul Goldacre Team & Game Based Mobile Learning as an Enabler of Social Innovation paulgoldacre@swin.edu.au
Emily Graham The human experience of receiving international aid: an ethnographic case study in Sri Lanka egraham@swin.edu.au
Jessica Grahame Redefining 'Rape Culture': Can the popular term 'rape culture' be extended and elaborated to usefully illuminate the pervasive cultural underpinnings behind rape and sexual violence towards women? jgrahame@swin.edu.au
George Hatvani Path dependency in Victorian Homelessness and the potential for a System Dynamics approach to provide greater understanding and policy directions ghatvani@swin.edu.au
Josee Huennekes   jhuennekes@swin.edu.au
Shae Hunter I want this wall off The Block': Media, home renovation and low carbon living shaehunter@swin.edu.au
Juliana Lobo De Queiroz Refugee Women, Resettlement and Entrepreneurship - an applied anthropology of refugee women entrepreneurship in Australia and Brazil. jlobodequeiroz@swin.edu.au
Rachel Maguire Understanding public housing provision in Melbourne: a comparative perspective rmaguire@swin.edu.au
Geradine McLoughlin Sleep walking to Catastrophe? Landuse & Transport Planning decisions reviewed against climate change priorities: Melbourne as a case study gmcloughlin@swin.edu.au
Grant Mitchell Forging New Ground: Creative civil society engagement of government to achieve rights- based policy change on immigration detention grantmitch@yahoo.com
Philip Soos An Analysis of Control Fraud in the Australian Housing and Mortgage Markets psoos@swin.edu.au
Paul Stolz Examination of ‘overcrowding’ in Australian households, its impact on young people in pathways to homelessness and implications for intervention effectiveness. Paul.Stolz@kuc.org.au
Jennifer Witheridge  Contested space: Future challenges and pathways for open space provision in Australian suburbs. jwitheridge@swin.edu.au

Recent completions

NameThesis / project title
Ailsa McPherson Housing adaptations to social, economic and demographic change: The renter-owner household in Australia