Partnered and offshore PhD programs

Partnered PhD programs

A Partnered PhD program allows you to complete your research degree jointly at Swinburne and at an international or Australian partner university.

You will have at least one supervisor at each university and your thesis must satisfy the PhD requirements of each institution.

You must spend a minimum of one year of your candidature in your ‘host’ university. This can be one continuous block or broken up into several visits. Your home university will normally examine your thesis and you will only pay fees to your home university.

When you complete a Partnered PhD program, you will be granted a single doctoral degree collaboratively awarded by the two universities.


  • Enhance your research by collaborating with national and international experts while building networks
  • Gain valuable national and international exposure and experience in the management of global research projects
  • Broaden your future employment opportunities
  • Learn how to navigate different research and educational systems
  • Access facilities and skills training from two research-intensive universities.

Offshore PhD program

Swinburne's offshore PhD programs allow students who are based predominantly offshore to enrol in a Swinburne PhD.

The students will be jointly supervised by Swinburne and a nominated approved institution.

Students will have access to the same supervisory support and research training as an onshore student, and will spend time in Australia as part of their program.

If successful, the student will be granted a single doctoral degree from Swinburne.

Offshore PhD partner universities

More information 

For more information on partnered and offshore PhD programs, or to apply for these programs as a student, contact:

Pankaj Arora
Director, International Research Engagement 
+61 3 9214 5407