Cybersecurity Lab

The Cybersecurity Lab is engaged in researching and developing technologies to protect our information systems and networks today and into the future. These range from technologies that secure individuals and their information to technologies that will safeguard our critical infrastructures. We are tackling the vulnerabilities of today and attempting to predict those of the future.

We are driving major research in cyber security and providing the thought leadership and knowledge required to protect society from cyberattacks on all levels: individuals, businesses and at national and international levels.

Our research and development:

  • provides robust authentication and identification in uncontrolled environments with pervasive devices and limited special infrastructure
  • ensures information privacy, integrity and robustness to users of information and communication technology.

Our special areas of interest include:

  • scalable trustworthy systems
  • the system evaluation life cycle
  • combatting malware and botnets
  • survivability of time-critical systems
  • situational understanding and attack attribution
  • privacy-aware security
  • the predictive cyber security posture
  • security in accelerating digitation – sharing data and information security
  • IoT, sensors and operational technology (OT) related security
  • identity and access management (users are the weakest link)
  • cloud security
  • governance over data security.


The director position is currently vacant.